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Become a Sponsor of a Child

Make a Difference and Change a Life Forever

To sponsor a child, $35 per month (or $420 per year) donation will help pay the tuition of one child, provide the school uniforms, Books and supplies.
Every penny of your $35/month goes directly to help your sponsored child. No monies are taken out for fundraising or administrative expenses.

What does your sponsorship provide for a child?


entrance fees, exam fees and monthly tuition

Books & School Supplies

School Uniforms

one to two new uniforms at the beginning of each school year.

What do you receive as a sponsor?

An annual update on your sponsored child and a recent photo.
A translated letter from your child.
Statements that serve as a tax-deductible receipt of your giving.
HNVH e-news of the exciting works in Haiti.
The option of writing to your sponsored child and sending Christmas gifts.
The joy of knowing that you have changed the life of a child forever.