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We are working with a private primary school, Ecole Foi Chretienne de Grison-Garde, which has an excellent reputation throughout the local communities. We provide free tuition to children with economic hardship and challenging life circumstances. We provide each child with the school uniforms and supplies that are likely needed. We provide daily nutritional meals to the children in our care to ensure better health and to help them focus on their studies. 


Sponsor a child for only $25 a month (or $300 for the year) and help bring hope and make a difference in the lives of those special children.



Our current focus is to build a school in Mornet, Cap-Haitian with all the necessary amenities to foster growth and development in children by providing quality, primary level education at no costs. Currently, there are no tuition-free schools in Mornet. The children there are in desperate need of our help. We aim to improve the literacy rate in Haiti and help the children reach their full potential to a future filled with promises.

Many established organizations are doing excellent work aiding the destitute children of Haiti. However, the need is great and there are still illiterate children walking the desolate roads of Haiti, looking and begging for their next meal; the number of underserved children is increasing.

It is now time for us to step up to the plate and make the necessary changes to bring some awareness and initiate action against this growing problem in our beautiful country. Haiti has the potential to reach the same standards as many first world nations and it begins with securing, grooming, educating, feeding, and giving the younger generation a vision of hope and prosperity.

However, we cannot do it alone.


Our greatest current needs are financial gifts, funding and in-kind donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations alike to help us better operate and accommodate to more children waiting in lines.     

Please consider a one-time $150.00 donation or more to assist with our school funds. We know everyone cannot give as they would like, but any small donation will be greatly appreciated and definitely make a profound difference in the lives of the children of Mornet.

Your act of kindness will help provide funding to support operating expenses toward this project including preliminary building costs, personnel, school supplies, uniform costs, nutrition, and other related expenses estimated at $50,000.00. In addition, you will be part of a dream that built Haiti’s children’s hope, dreams, and aspirations for a better life.

If you would like to make a donation to House of New Vision and Hope but require more information about how your money will support our Haitian children, you can contact us at hnvh2010@gmail.com or 754-900-HNVH (4684).

We thank you kindly for aiding us in this much needed endeavor and may God bless you and your family.