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My name is Fredline Joseph Ciril, founder and president of House of New Vision and Hope, INC. I was born in Cap-Haitian, on the northern coast of Haiti, and raised in Port-Au-Prince, on the western coast of Haiti. Each year my family and I go to Cap-Haitian for a summer vacation. We spend most of our time in Mornet, a communal section of Acul-Du-Nord. It used to be very exciting for me to share my grades and souvenirs from each school year with the other kids in Mornet. Most of them did not have anything to share because they did not go to school for the year. Some had started but couldn’t complete the year because their parents couldn’t pay. It saddened me all the time.

Every year, my sister and I would ask our mom to take one child home to Port-Au-Prince with us so he/she could benefit from the privilege of going to school. Under the guidance of my grandmother, my mom would take one child for most of the time. That child would go to school and, once able to read and write his/her name, would go look for a job to be able to support his/her parents back in Mornet. My sister was only in high school when she asked to adopt a child whose mom and dad passed away. The grandmother was very happy but couldn’t let him go in Port-Au-Prince with us because he was the one taking care of the grandmother although he was only five years old.

Vacationing in this area each year, we have seen children with no food to eat, wearing the same clothes every day or no clothes at all, not attending school, and never visiting a doctor or even attending church. My family and I always dreamt to one day provide free education, free health care, free meals, and a place to worship God for the less fortunate in Mornet, Acul-Du-Nord, where the need is so strong and heartbreaking.

After the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, the conditions in Haiti worsened, leaving more orphans on the streets, more destitute than ever. The catastrophe awakens our desire to help Haiti’s children by improving their quality of life and making the necessary changes to bring some inroads to this growing problem in our beautiful country. We have begun the process of establishing the House of New Vision and Hope to give the younger generation a vision of hope and prosperity and to empower them as they grow to establish much needed change to Haiti through instilling Christian values, education, and family structure.